About the ILO

The ILO is an Institute that was formed to give the licensing official a voice and a place where they can feel at home. This is a Institute that has in its vision to one day become the official voice of all licensing officials in Southern Africa. It also strives to improve the licensing Officer by developing a curriculum and securing a service provider that will facilitate an  training course. We are currently negotiation with Lyceum College regarding accreditation of the course. The Institute consists of an Management and Executive management committee.

Meet the ILO Management Committee

At the Seminar in East London the new Management Committee was appointed by the Annual General Meeting in terms of the ILO Constitution, theses Executive Committee is appointed until 2015. More information will be available soon!

Congratulations to Mr Peterson, the new ILO president!


The new management team are,

President: Mr Vernon Petersen

Vice President: Mr Mahendra Sewparsad

Second Vice President: The late - Mr Barry Makgae

Secretary: Mr Quinton Chetty

Vice Secretary: Ms Nompumelelo Veronica Tshali

Treasurer: Mrs Susan Combrinck

Vice Treasurer: Mr Karel Dick

Moderator: Mr Masopo Mametja